May 07, 2020 1 min read

We are all working together to handle the challenge of global transformation... and it's not easy. People are crying, giving up, wearing pj's all day or eating and sleeping into oblivion. Quarantine and Social Distance have become everyday words and once-in-a-while we forget what day it is. 

Have you or your friends found a way to bounce back from daily global challenge or the latest virus news?

As a photographer I wanted to find a way to help inspire and motivate the worried people I talk to everyday. I hope you'll enjoy my new idea that came from within. Every Friday I plan to offer FREE motivational prints that are downloadable and can brighten your computer backgrounds, social media posts, or best of all to print out as exciting new decor for your walls. Change your environment and change your world. Did you know art in your home can boost your productivity, lower stress, and increase your well-being? just think, every Friday you can look forward to FREE upliftment in the form of photos and designed by professional photographer, Chris Fabregas and poet Clearly Me Luise. Check back each Friday to see which inspirations are waiting to make your world brighter and excite your positivity. 

We're all in this together. We are sharing the same planet and challenges. It's called Neighborhood Earth. Enjoy your free weekly photos as my gift of cheer and upliftment. 



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