by Chris Fabregas December 12, 2019

I create and sell fine art photography, but it wasn’t always easy for me (in truth, it still isn’t). I had a burning desire to bring my creativity to the world and needed to figure out how to do it. 

Like most creative entrepreneurs, I spent five MONTHS planning to launch my fine art prints into the digital-world, with only 40 pictures to show for all that planning. 

It wasn’t until my wife and family sat me down and said, “Chris, it’s time to launch your photography page. You can always slowly add more photos as you go,” that I made the decision to do precisely that. A few of my fine art pictures took off immediately, and I finally had the momentum I needed to stop planning and start doing.  

My story is far from unusual. We creative types are a rare breed. We’re perfectionists and we often believe we have to plan every detail to be successful. I’m here to tell you that less thinking and more doing is a good thing. In fact, I’m living proof! 

The irony is that once I started sharing my prints, I was in a better position to plan the work I would offer my audience. Based on their feedback, I created a store that offered more of what my clients wanted, rather than what I thought they wanted.  

So, how can you stop spending hours and sleepless nights ‘planning’ your perfect product launch? Here are a few tips I used that can help you too!  

What It DOESN’T Mean to Stop Planning & Start Doing 

First and foremost, I want to clarify that I do not mean you shouldn’t plan at all. Obviously, there are some things that simply must be planned out in advance.  

The trick here though is to spend about 10% of your time planning and 90% of your time doing.  

Don’t spend months or weeks just on the planning stage. Figure out what you want to do then set a time to do it. Don’t hesitate. Cut the time you think you need to plan in half and go from there.  

 Great Ideas Don’t Matter! 

Try this thought on for size: great ideas don’t matter!  

Ideas are a dime a dozen.  

They mean absolutely nothing until you actualize them. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you have to translate that ‘idea’ into a tangible, living breathing thing. 

Otherwise, who cares if you have the ‘best’ idea? What’s in your head won’t impact the world. Do something worthwhile by making a move and making it matter.  

How to Know You’re Working on The Right Stuff & Get Unstuck 

 Of course, these tips are difficult if you don’t know if what you’re doing is really worth your time.  

One way I determined if I had the right idea was through customer analysis. 

I mentioned earlier how after I started sharing some of my fine art work, I received feedback from clients who showed me what I needed to improve on. When my Dodger Stadium World Series and Opening Day prints took off, I knew then and there that was what I needed to create more of them.

Your analysis might be similar. Once you start earning income from your idea you know you are headed in the right direction. If that slows down, however, you might feel lost again.  

When that does happen, don’t panic! You’re not stuck. And whatever you do don’t throw your ideas to the wayside and go back to square one.  

Instead, make two minor tweaks to what you’re doing and see if that works. Keep trying that until you get your momentum back.  

 Take Action Today! 

 I’d like to end by having you ask yourself, “What is one action I can take today to turn my idea into reality?” 

Then, do it!  

Using these ideas, I’ve had success with my fine art photography, and I know you can be successful too. Just remember, stop planning! More doing!  

If you’d like to see my work, please head over to my fine art photos here: Chris Fabregas Fine Art Prints. 

Thanks for dropping by!  

Chris Fabregas
Chris Fabregas


Creating photographic art that motivates people to see what inspires beauty in their lives.

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